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Tyler 7 Months

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Tyler 5 Months

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Spartan Race #3

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Spartan Race #3 was another 5km Sprint race. After most of the races were canceled for the last two years I was finally able to complete another race. This time I also convinced a bunch of my housemates to run the race with me. It was great fun, although a bit hot and I think everyone got a little sun burnt.

- - - 1/18/2021 - - -

Suzuna Birthday

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This year we were not able to do anything special for Suzuna’s birthday. Instead, we had a nice quiet cake time celebration at home.

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On a nice day we took the car down to the bottom of the Miura peninsula to Joga island. It was nice to see and smell the fresh ocean air and walk around the rocks looking at the tide pools. It reminded my of the last time I was there, and made me wonder about why we had not been back since but more about how time really does fly.

- - - 12/9/2020 - - -

Making Cookies

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Halloween 2020

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Sports Day #3

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Despite everything else going on this year, it was deemed safe enough [especially being in Japan] to hold the annual Sports Day events at my daughters school with a lot of added precautions. I am also really glad they didnt cancel it, as Sports Day is one of those events that as a parent we can see just how much our child is growing and maturing. Looking back at last year and the year before, it is really great to see that Melina has changed so much in her three years in preschool. This year she ran and danced, played and smiled, fought her best in the events, and was a big part of her class team. I am so proud of her and also excited to see what she can do in the coming years.

Getting ready for the big event. Tire tug of war!

It is an all out battle to see what class can get the most tires to their side.

Lining up for the relay race.

Almost there.

- - - 9/9/2020 - - -

Swallowtail Butterfly #6

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This is the first of a group of Yellow-Swallowtail caterpillars she found.

- - - 8/6/2020 - - -

Stream Camping with Friends

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One of the best things to do to get out of the house and stay away from most people is to go camping. We were joined by some neighbors and school friends of Melina, and went to a campsite in Tanzawa where there is a cold but really nice stream the kids could play in and catch all sorts of things. As one day didnt seem to be enough for the kids to really enjoy the stream we went for a three day two night trip. The kids had lots of fun playing in the stream, catching bugs and frogs and other things, making the campfires, helping with cooking, and smores and fireworks at night. The adults had fun with the exact same things. On the way back home we stopped and did some trout fishing and eating.

The full photo gallery is at: Stream Camping

The full photo gallery is at: Stream Camping