- - - 3/9/2019 - - -

Squirrel Park Revisited

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I took the family to revisit the squirrel park. We had lots of fun feeding the squirrels and other animals again, and I think we will be going there a bit more often now.

- - - 1/18/2019 - - -

Suzuna’s Bday French Dinner 5

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Suzuna’s birthday dinner tradition.
Last Year
Last Last Year
Last Last Last Year
Last Last Last Last Year

- - - 1/13/2019 - - -

Yunessun Hot Springs

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I have been to Hakone many times, but had never made to the famous Yunessun hot springs. They are famous for having lots of different baths including a wine bath, coffee bath, green tea bath, sake bath, cave bath, and kids play area baths. So with nothing else to do on a Sunday, we took the train over to Hakone to check it out.


- - - 10/27/2018 - - -

Halloween Party 2018

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- - - 8/5/2018 - - -

Recent Board Games

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Thunderstone Quest

Tyrants of the Underdark

Great Western Trail

Castles of Burgundy


- - - 7/28/2018 - - -

Blueberry Bakeoff

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With all the blueberries this year a few of my housemates and myself had a bake-off.
Blueberry muffins
Blueberry crepes
Blueberry lemon bar

- - - 4/28/2018 - - -

Chinatown Aquarium

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I found a new aquarium right in the middle of Chinatown. It is small and designed especially for kids, but for the location and price it was actually very nice. There is even a kids play room with a slide and jungle gym complete with builtin fish tanks, a small show on how different fish catch their food, and Melina also got the chance to feed the sea turtle.

- - - 2/24/2018 - - -

Melina is 3! Pictures

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My little girl is 3 years old!


- - - 1/18/2018 - - -

Suzuna’s Bday French Dinner 4

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Same French restaurant for Suzuna’s birthday again this year.
Last Year
Last Last Year
Last Last Last Year

- - - 8/30/2017 - - -


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This year I spent my birthday on an airplane to Guam for a business trip. Besides the fact that North Korea had just threatened to send a missile to the island, I was a bit exited to go as I had never been to Guam before. Although the work part of the trip was not fun, I did bring my family out at the end of the work week and along with a few extra days of leave got to spend some time enjoying the island.

Guam Pictures

View from the hotel

Enjoying the play area in the mall

Underwater World


More underwater sea life viewing

Looking at the Spanish history on our drive around the island

Talofofo falls

Windy at lovers point

River cruise and Chamorro village

Enjoying the beach!

Guam Pictures