- - - 5/28/2017 - - -

Haruna Lake Revisited

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After the Insect World we decided to go visit lake Haruna. Unlike last time, the weather was great and we were able to take the ropeway to the top of the mountain. Melina and Suzuna also got a horse ride and then we played in the lake a little. However, like last time we made it down to Ikaho onsen for a nice soak before heading home.

Melina wanted to go further into the lake by herself. I let her… she fell in and got all wet.

Gunma Insect World

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Our second day in Gunma after the festival was spent doing some sightseeing. Our first stop was Gunma Insect World. There were lots of different insect and a large forest area to explore, but the main attraction was the butterfly house. There were all the different kinds of butterflies that one could find in Japan, and Melina even got to release a new butterfly. We also made a caterpillar our of pipe cleaners and took a small hike.

- - - 5/27/2017 - - -

Yumin Festa #2

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Our second trip up to Gunma to participate in the natural/music Yumin Festival. I made Rice Krispies and cookies again, and Suzuna had her array of handmade herbal teas, sweets, soaps, and other items. The morning was a little rainy, but cleared up and was very nice in the afternoon. Still I think because of the rain, the turnout was not nearly as good as last years.

Our booth and tent for the night.

There were not many people early in the morning after the rain

- - - 5/17/2017 - - -

Melina 27 Months

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- - - 5/6/2017 - - -


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This was the last day to use our yearly pass to the zoo. I think we had been there about 4 or 5 times over the last year, and Melina really enjoyed seeing all the animals. I think her favorites were the lions, tigers, meerkats, and penguins.