- - - 11/30/2019 - - -

Thanksgiving 2019

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I was too busy cooking and entertaining that I didnt get many good pictures of the Thanksgiving party again this year, but I will say that it was another great success. The foods and dessert were delicious, and as usual there were a lot of kids running around having fun.

- - - 4/21/2019 - - -

Easter Dinner 2019

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Another Easter dinner party this year with all the usual foods, and as usual housemates made lots of other dishes and desserts.

- - - 3/3/2019 - - -

Girls Day 2019

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For this years Girls Day, we made sushi balls again along with the three color roll cake.

- - - 3/2/2019 - - -

Making Homemade Miso

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Every year my house makes homemade miso…

Mix the boiled soy beans, salt, and fermented rice

Make them into balls

Chuck them into the wooden barrel for a whole year of fermenting

- - - 2/14/2019 - - -

Valentines Day

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My girls made me some amazing sweets for Valentines day

- - - 2/3/2019 - - -

Setsubun 2019

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This year’s sushi roll and bean throwing party was great. The lucky direction this year is east-north-east. Melina ate one and a half sushi rolls, and I was so impressed, and proud, at how hard she threw beans at the oni this year.

- - - 1/1/2019 - - -

New Years Food

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This years Osechi spread:

- - - 12/25/2018 - - -

X-Mas dinner

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This year for Christmas we had a big dinner at the house with our friends. I made a large ham, and had a small gift exchange game afterwards.

- - - 11/25/2018 - - -

Thanksgiving 2018

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- - - 5/27/2018 - - -

Trip to Ise

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I finally took the family to Ise in Mie prefecture for a long weekend. Ise along with Ise Shrine is one of the more famous Japan travel destinations that I had not yet been to. The Ise Grand Shrine is considered the most sacred Shintō shrine in Japan, and along with the top of Mt Fuji is considered a must visit sometime in your lifetime place. Of course we did many of the other activities in the area and made sure to eat all the famous foods:

We took the shinkansen and express trains there and back

Purification stream of the inner shrine

At the inner shrine. There are always lots of people visiting.

The Uji Bridge

The famous shopping street in front of the shrine. There were lots of traditional shops and foods, and we saw a Taiko performance.

Eating ‘Akafuku’ the famous Japanese sweet of the area

Eating the local style Ise Udon

For dinner we had the local style ‘TekoneSushi’

At the fairly impressive Toba Sea-Folk Museum

Melina loved playing in the submarine

Eating Unagi for lunch

Taking a boat ride around Ago bay, famous for Japanese Perl cultivation

A quick stop at a park for slides, running around, and ice cream

We hiked up to the overlook of the bay at Yokoyama

Eating Matsuzaka beef (up there on the rankings with Kobe beef) for dinner along with other things Melina likes.

‘Okayu’ at the outer shrine for breakfast

Finally was Melina’s favorite part of the trip; Toba Aquarium. She got to see and touch a whole lot of sea animals, and a snake. It was my first time to pet a walrus as well.