- - - 4/2/2017 - - -

Hiking with Melina

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First hiking day of the year, of a long time for that matter, and also Melina’s first time to really go into the mountains. We went with my hiking club to a mountain with cherry trees on top, but unfortunately we were just a little bit to early for the cherry blossoms.
My daughter likes hiking! She had lots of fun running around and jumping on all the tree roots and down all the stairs, and picking up lots of rocks. I think this year we can start going out hiking a lot more often.

- - - 2/28/2016 - - -

Makuyama without snow

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I joined my hiking club this month to go climb Makuyama. We climbed the same mountain two years ago, but unlike that time there was no snow and we didnt get lost.

- - - 9/13/2015 - - -

Mt Furo

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After about a year of taking a break from hiking with my hiking club, I finally made it out again to go hike Mt. Furo. It is not a tall mountain at all, but it was still nice to get out into nature and get some exercise again.

- - - 12/21/2014 - - -

New Zealand

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I had to take some leave from work before the end of the before it expires. After thinking about it for a little to long I finally decided to take a trip to go hiking and adventuring around the south island of New Zealand. Besides getting stuck in immigration at Auckland for an hour and a half, it was an awesome trip. The weather was great for most of the time, and the day it was raining we got to see waterfalls in their most impressive state. I got to see a lot of different national parks and area in the south island along with lots and lots of sheep. My tour guides and tour mates were great people and we had a really small group so we could really get to know each other pretty well. The highlight of the trip would have to be the two days we spent in the area called the Siberia Valley. We took a scenic plane ride up and along the mountain range to a valley up in between mountains where the plane landed and let us out. We then spent the entire day hiking up to Lake Crucible. The following day we spent hiking out of the valley and down to the river where a jet boat was waiting to pick us up and jet us back to the city. There were other great hikes, a nice mountain bike ride, as well as kayaking around Milford Sound (which is actually a fiord). We had a free day in Queenstown which I spent doing some canyoning. I realized that Queenstown may be the adventure capital of New Zealand, but everything is also very expensive. The food on the trip was nothing too out of the ordinary, but I did enjoy eating as much lamb and venison as I could. The venison pies are especially good. New Zealand is only place that I do hope to make it back to as there are lots of multi-day trails that seem very interesting, and I still have the entire north island to explore as well.

The full New Zealand Gallery

New Zealand Gallery

- - - 12/7/2014 - - -


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Some of my friends and I went to Tobitengu, which is in total a kilometer of zipline. It is not very accessible, but is in a very nice mountain area and relatively cheap. It was great fun, will do again.

- - - 11/22/2014 - - -

Hiking Enkaizan

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A new German guy in my house asked where around the area he could do some hiking. I took him up to Enkaizan, and Daimaruyama. It is only a short distance from our house but is a nice walk up to the highest peak in Yokohama city… which is really not very high at all.

- - - 10/12/2014 - - -

Mt Kachi Kachi at Lake Kawaguchi

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The mountain for October was Mt Kachi Kachi, which is a bit far away and close to Mt. Fuji, so my hiking club decided to rent a cabin near lake Kawaguchi for a night. Suzuna and I took a bus and arrived in the afternoon. We then did a bit of fishing in the lake and when it got dark had a good time in the cabin with the members of the hiking club. No fish were caught, so we made a giant pot of Japanese curry.

The next day we headed over to hike Mt Kachi Kachi. Suzuna and I took the rope-way most of the way up ;) At the top, we had our usual mountain lunch, but the group also made a special surprise cake for Suzuna and my wedding. We also received warm hats.

Before we left, we had to eat more Houtou

- - - 9/13/2014 - - -

Oyama with friends

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I took my French friends on a hiking trip to the top of Oyama. On the way down, we stopped for a board game break.

- - - 8/30/2014 - - -

Camping at Nishizawa Ravine

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For the three day weekend Suzuna and I took a camping trip to Yamanashi to go hiking up NishisawaKeikoku. I rented a car from the base and we took a nice drive all the way there stopping at a few places along the way there and back. Besides camping and hiking, we went to Maizuru castle in Kofu and went to some grape farms to get freshly picked grapes. Hiking up the ravine was not as easy as we thought, as some ares had the path washed out and there were a few steep or slippery places, but the views were very nice. There were lots of little waterfalls and blue pools of water all the up the hiking course. For dinner we ate Houtou, the famous food in Yamanashi which can be described as flat Udon. On the way back we drove past Mt. Fuji and the Fuji lakes, stopping at the Fuji flower park.

- - - 5/18/2014 - - -

Planting Trees in Tanzawa

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Some friends and I volunteered to go plant trees on a mountain in Tanzawa. Although I have hiked over this particular mountain many times before, as well as many others in the Tanzawa area, this was the first time I hiked for a purpose other than to get to the top.

We met up with a large group of volunteers, picked up some equipment and trees and went to a bare part of the mountain. The leader of the group showed us how to properly plant the trees and we spent the next few hours planting. It didnt feel like work at all, and we all had a great time