- - - 1/18/2019 - - -

Suzuna’s Bday French Dinner 5

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Suzuna’s birthday dinner tradition.
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- - - 1/13/2019 - - -

Yunessun Hot Springs

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I have been to Hakone many times, but had never made to the famous Yunessun hot springs. They are famous for having lots of different baths including a wine bath, coffee bath, green tea bath, sake bath, cave bath, and kids play area baths. So with nothing else to do on a Sunday, we took the train over to Hakone to check it out.


- - - 1/6/2019 - - -

Ice Skating

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Although I wasnt sure if she would like it or not, we took my daughter to the ice skate rink in Yokohama. To my surprise, she loved ice skating! She couldnt stand up by herself very well but still really really enjoyed it and is asking to go again.

- - - 1/5/2019 - - -

Cat Cafe

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My daughter has recently been asking for a cat. Since owning a pet cat is not currently feasible, going to a cat cafe to play with and pet cats is the next best thing.

- - - 1/1/2019 - - -

Kamakura New Years

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On New Years day we decided to go check out the temples and crowds at Kamakura. There was too many people to make it to the main temple, but we still enjoyed the weather, foods, and just walking around on the beautiful day.

New Years Food

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This years Osechi spread: