- - - 2/17/2017 - - -

Melina 2 Years Old!

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AnPanMan Museum

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For Melina’s birthday we took her to go see her favorite cartoon character, AnPanMan.
AnPanMan is super famous in Japan, and the AnPanMan museum in Yokohama is always crowded. Due to all the people and noise, Melina was a bit hesitant at first, but she really enjoyed seeing all her favorite characters and playing with all the exhibits. By the end of the afternoon she was pretty tired.

- - - 2/3/2017 - - -

Setsubun Sushi 2017

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Every year at my house for Setsubun, or bean throwing festival, we have a party and make sushi to eat in the lucky direction of the year. It usually goes as follows: Everyone makes their own sushi roll, everyone faces the lucky direction of the year (2017:NNW), sushi is eaten as quietly at possible, someone dresses up as the demon, everyone throws beans at the demon and forces him outside, bean cleanup, dessert time. Unfortunately this year, like last year, I stopped taking pictures after the sushi eating.