- - - 8/25/2009 - - -

Jinboucho Books

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Well, im in the 3rd week of my new job. My company is a small venture company that works with various clients on all different kinds of projects. Honestly, I really dont know what we do. I am now the "web programmer”, but since I joined a small company it means that I am also the designer, tester, server administrator, etc. Also, besides programming they also ask me to do various other tasks. I am still trying to get used to the job.
My company is located in Jinbocho, which is in the middle area of Tokyo. Jinbocho is famous for having lots and lots of used book stores selling rare and very old books.

- - - 8/22/2009 - - -

Asakusa and Hamarikyu

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I met with Mr. Hara again. He treated me to as special lunch of "Mugi-toro” at the only restaurant of its kind in Tokyo. After that, we went around to some of the not so famous areas of Asakusa including the 7 good luck shrines and a famous "Sakura Motchi” shop. Then we took a boat ride down the Sumida river to Hamarikyu. One of the most famous Japanese gardens in Tokyo, the Cosmos flowers were starting to bloom.

Buying 七味

Mugi-toro. Slimy but very delicious.

Tokyo style sakura mochi, a bit different than western Japan.

Bridges on the river Sumidagawa.


- - - 8/20/2009 - - -

New Watch

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For my birthday I bought myself a new watch. I had been using my old watch since the beginning of high school, yet besides the scratched glass, broken band, slightly broken display, and lack of sound, I loved my watch and had not found a decent replacement for it… until now.
My new watch, is green, fairly small, light, and has a cloth band. Also, it has a temperature gauge and compass built in! Hopefully it will last as long as my previous watch.

- - - 8/15/2009 - - -


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Only in Japan… would they build a life-size, moving, flashing Gundam. Located in Odaiba, the Gundam draws huge crowds of people every day. I am not an anime fan and dont even think I have ever seen an episode of Gundam, but this was pretty amazing.

- - - 8/14/2009 - - -

Fireworks in the Park

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Summer in Japan. The time when you get together with a lot of friends and set off fireworks in the park.

- - - 8/3/2009 - - -

Visa Extension

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My visa expires tomorrow!

Luckily, I finally found a job and have just extended my visa for another 1 or 3 years. (I wont know the exact amount for another few weeks)

Talk about cutting it close!