- - - 6/25/2010 - - -

Back to the USA

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Well, today is the day.. This is it.. After more than 6 years I will be returning home….
Although, probably just to return to Japan sometime soon.


- - - 6/19/2010 - - -

Futsal Team

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My futsal team for the past 2 years.
It was great to play with everyone, and I hope I can continue to play futsal in the US as well.

- - - 6/14/2010 - - -


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This year’s first backpacking trip was to Oze, which is Japan’s largest area of highland marsh and also has a variety of different wild flowers, with the most famous being the "Mizubasho”. Our course was to spend the day climbing to the top of Mt. Hiuchigatake, hike down to the highlands, and camp for the night. The next day we spent trekking through the highlands, seeing a great waterfall, and making our way back to the bus. It was a very exhausting course, where we had to hike up snow to the top of the mountain, as well as slide down some to get down the other side. However, the nature and scenery was extremely beautiful. I now know why Oze is considered one of Japan’s most beautiful and popular hiking destinations.

Starting our 2 day hike.

The famous flower, "Mizubasho”

On our way through the highlands to get to Hiuchigatake.

Climbing up snow is hard. Every time your miss your footing and slide down, you have to re-climb up the snow again.

The top! 2,356 meters.

On our way down to the highlands to set up our tent.

Taking a break. One tent for the three of us to share.

Starting off bright and early the next day.

Tired after two whole days of hiking.

For all the pictures, visit the Oze Photo Gallery :)

- - - 6/11/2010 - - -

No more work..

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After 10 months working for a small Japanese IT company, I decided it was time to take a break. There were many reasons for leaving, and I still have the opportunity to return to the company after my 2-3 month break if I like. However, as of now I am on a break from work.. and soon a break from my 6 straight years in Japan as well. :o

- - - 6/6/2010 - - -

Marines vs Swallows

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After 6 years of living in Japan I finally went to my first Japanese baseball game: The Yakult Swallows vs the Lotte Marines. I dont quite remember what Dodger games were like as I havent gone to a baseball game in the states either since I was a kid, so I really couldnt compare. The stadium seemed a lot smaller than the Dodger stadium I remember as a kid, but I am much bigger as well. However, the cheering and singing fans and the way that most everyone in attendance gets into the game is much different than the US. The game was quite an exiting game, especially when the Swallows hit a 3 run homer to take the lead followed very soon by another one. I just might go back and see another game if I have the chance.