- - - 6/5/2022 - - -

Elephant Park and Petting Zoo

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After camping and before heading home, we all decided to go check out the nearby elephant park. The zoo had an elephant show and feeding time very similar to what I remember seeing in Thailand. Tyler was a bit afraid of the elephants but Melina got to feed them some carrots. There were a lot of other animals to see and feed throughout the zoo as well as a large petting zoo area with deer, wallabies, rabbits, and other cute animals.

- - - 6/4/2022 - - -

Camping in Chiba

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Camping with our friend group again, this time in Chiba. The camp site was near a small stream where the kids could play in and go fishing to catch some small river fish. Exploring down the stream, there was also a scary cave to go in and explore. The kids also had fun collecting wood and making fires, looking for crawdads, and doing fireworks in the evening. For breakfast I made a large pancake with the Chiba fresh blueberries.

- - - 6/2/2022 - - -

Sea Paradaise with Friend

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Melina had a nice day at the aquarium with her friend.