- - - 6/4/2022 - - -

Camping in Chiba

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Camping with our friend group again, this time in Chiba. The camp site was near a small stream where the kids could play in and go fishing to catch some small river fish. Exploring down the stream, there was also a scary cave to go in and explore. The kids also had fun collecting wood and making fires, looking for crawdads, and doing fireworks in the evening. For breakfast I made a large pancake with the Chiba fresh blueberries.

- - - 5/30/2022 - - -

Camping next to the Stream

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The weather seemed perfect, so right after tea picking we went camping. This time we got a camp site right next to the stream away from the road, which meant I had to carry all the camping gear from the car over the stream to the site. It was also a Sunday evening, so the site was mostly empty. It was great to be out next to the water and camping was really fun. The next morning kids enjoyed playing in the water.