- - - 11/30/2006 - - -

Japanese Test

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This Sunday is the Japanese proficiency test. The test is only once a year every December. So, although I never really did much in school, I am doing some studying while I can. After 2 years in Japan I wonder what level I am really at, and also what I might be like in another 2 years… For now I hope I dont fail the test.

日曜日は日本語能力試験 - 頑張ります

- - - 11/23/2006 - - -

Flower Show

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A friend from school gave me free tickets to some flower exhibition by some supposedly famous gay guy as seen in the picture below. Although I’m not too interested in flowers, it was pretty interesting to see a variety of flowers and plants and how they were displayed, as well as appreciate the art behind it all. Unfortunately, pictures were not allowed inside the exhibition. Afterwards, since the air was clear it was up the Government buildings in Shinjuku for a rare view of Mt. Fuji.

- - - 11/20/2006 - - -

Small Pond

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I discovered and visited a small Japanese Garden very close to my house…

- - - 11/18/2006 - - -

Spidey Car

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- - - 11/14/2006 - - -

Halloween 2006

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A little late but my friend sent me a picture of me in my Halloween costume:

- - - 11/10/2006 - - -

Takao Fall 06 begins

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It’s still a bit early for the fall colors, but this one at the top is nice.

- - - 11/7/2006 - - -

Karuizawa Car Trip

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Last weekend a friend from school invited me to go on a car trip to Karuizawa. I had not been to Karuizawa yet, and it was by car so I went along for the ride. Karuizawa is a bit far in Nagano prefecture and is famous for beautiful fall colors among other things.

The first place we stopped was for lunch to eat ‘kamameshi’ which is famous in the area.

After that we drove towards the big volcano to a place called ‘oni oshi dashi’ which translates into ‘the devil pushed out’. I think it’s called that because in that area the landscape is like that of a volcanic trash pile with big black rocks piled up everywhere.


- - - 11/2/2006 - - -

More Train Manners

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