- - - 11/28/2013 - - -


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Suzuna came back from Canada the day before thanksgiving this year, so I thought we could celebrate by inviting all our friends over for a big thanksgiving meal. There was about 20 people to feed so I bought two (14 lbs) turkeys and started cooking in the morning. I also made a bunch of the traditional side dishes like stuffing, beans, tomato aspec, yams, cranberry-orange relish, cornbread, smashed potatoes, salad, soup, and pumpkin pies. There were also lots of other dishes and desserts that my housemates helped prepare for the feast, and I wish I took a better picture of the dessert table as it had a bunch of cakes, cookies, and pies. However, at the end of the night there was absolutely nothing left.

- - - 11/17/2013 - - -


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The Fall colors were beautiful up in the mountains around lake Okutama. I dont get to go out to the Okutama area much anymore, just because it is so far away for a day trip, but I always enjoy it when it do go.