- - - 2/25/2011 - - -

Badminton Class

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I recently joined a badminton class at my local gym. I really enjoyed playing while I was back home and this class would be a great way to improve my skills and finally get some sort of formal training. So far the class is pretty fun, and I am learning a lot about the basics of badminton such as footwork. However, I was the only one in the class without my own racket… until now. My new, and fairly expensive, racket:

Head Power Helix 8000

- - - 2/24/2011 - - -

Leatherman and Photon

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They have arrived!
My new green (personalized) Leatherman micra, and Photon light.
Now my one key doesnt feel lonely anymore.

- - - 2/22/2011 - - -


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Another certification finished and out of the way: Security+

- - - 2/20/2011 - - -

Plum blossoms in Kamakura, soon

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Spring in Japan is when the cherry blossoms come out, but before that are plum blossoms. Although a bit early still, a friend and I went to Kamakura to see some of the early blossoms. It was a nice day to walk around Kamakura and during the day I remembered how much of a nice place it is, and also realized that since I now live 15 minutes away I could go anytime I wanted.

- - - 2/12/2011 - - -

First Snow-Hike to Mt. Enkai

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It finally snowed this year.
There was not much snow, and before it all melted away I took a long hike through the neighborhood parks and up to Mt. Enkai to see and experience the beautiful snow.

The plum blossoms are also starting to bloom.

A kid enjoying the snow while he can.

Hiking up the mountain. There was a lot more snow up here than down in the parks.

Mt. Omaruyama. The same place I watched the first sunrise of the year.

- - - 2/3/2011 - - -

Setsubun, Ehomaki Party

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Feb 3rd is Setsubun, also known as the bean-throwing ceremony. Besides throwing beans, another tradition is to make a big sushi roll (Ehomaki) and eat it in a particular direction. This year is south-south-east. Some of the people in my house and I decided to have a small Setsubun party.

All the fixins out and ready.

My finished Ehomaki

Eating. He was more in the south-down-east direction.

- - - 2/1/2011 - - -


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It was required for my job, but I just passed my first IT certification test.
ITIL Foundations