- - - 2/28/2016 - - -

Makuyama without snow

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I joined my hiking club this month to go climb Makuyama. We climbed the same mountain two years ago, but unlike that time there was no snow and we didnt get lost.

- - - 2/27/2016 - - -

Plum viewing with Melina

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We took Melina to the local park to look at the plum blossoms and play around.

- - - 2/21/2016 - - -

Kawazu Sakura

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Kawazu is a place in Izu famous for the rows of Sakura trees along the river that bloom earlier that other Sakura and have a beautiful pink color. I took the wife and kid and did the entire walk up and back down enjoying the Sakura trees, weather, and food stands along the route. We also took a small detour to a hot springs geyser.

- - - 2/17/2016 - - -

Melina One Year Party

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We had a small home party for Melina’s one year birthday. We made Sekihan and other foods that symbolize happiness and good luck. We also got a big block of Mochi (一升餅), which is about 2KG, and followed the Japanese tradition to strap it to the one year old and have her walk with it. I also did the American tradition and made her a cake she could smash up play with and possibly eat. Finally we tried to see what kind of person she will be based on what item she gravitated towards. The abacus was in interesting choice.

- - - 2/13/2016 - - -

Hayama Cafe

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One nice Saturday we decided to drive to Hayama…

Morito Shrine, walking along the ocean, and views of Mt. Fuji.

Hayama has lots of interesting cafes.

Melina enjoyed the trip as well.