- - - 4/17/2015 - - -

Melina Two Months

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- - - 4/12/2015 - - -

Watane Ichi #6

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I took my family out the the spring Watane Ichi. I was good to see some familiar faces and friends again, as well as just get out and enjoy the day.

- - - 4/5/2015 - - -

Easter Dinner

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This year I decided to try to make an Easter dinner. I bought and baked a ham, made some Easter bread, and also tried to mimic an Easter soup that my mother used to make every year. I invited my housemates, and there was a big turnout. The ham, although I just simply baked it, was a hit and everyone mentioned how they have never had anything like that sour Easter soup before. Still, they all seemed to like it.