- - - 12/25/2021 - - -

Portland and LA Xmas

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Highlights from our trip back to Portland and Los Angeles for the Christmas holiday. Unfortunately this was the time when Omicron had just started spreading around so we were a cautious and a bit limited in what we could do. Still, it was a great time for the family.

Seattle at night

Famous Seattle sea food

The infamous Seattle gum wall

First Starbucks

The next morning was great weather for exploring the city.

Some shopping

Visiting Pikes Peak, and the Central Market

Visiting the Space Needle park


- - - 12/4/2021 - - -

Fuma Ninja in Odawara

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Since Melina was still exited to be a ninja, we took a day trip down to Odawara castle to see the Fuma Ninja Show. The Fuma were the ninja clan active in the area during the age of war in Japan, and there is a lot of information about them in the castle as well as a separate kids ninja museum. The show was pretty entertaining and we got to take a picture with the group afterwards.

- - - 12/3/2021 - - -

Tyler 9 Months

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