- - - 3/29/2014 - - -

Sayonara Alex

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Alex and his fiance are moving back to Chile, but before he went we had one last lunch at Chinatown. I hope to visit him in Chile soon…

- - - 3/23/2014 - - -

Izu - Zoo Mountain

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The next day we went to the Izu Safari Park. It had an interesting walk-through safari type layout where you could buy food and feed all the animals along the way. Plus there was plenty of petting areas. We really enjoying watching the 4 cheetah cubs playing. Afterwards, we went to Mt Omoro, which is a dormant volcano that they burn every year to keep any trees from growing on it. It looks like a giant grassy hill from afar. The only way up was by char lift, but the view from the top was pretty nice. There was even an archery area in the center of the crater.

- - - 3/22/2014 - - -

Izu - Gardens Onsen

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For the weekend, Suzuna and I took an impromptu short trip down to Izu. Honestly, there is not that much to do in Izu, but after some quick searching we made a list of a few places to go to. We took the train down and our first stop was a Herb Garden followed by the Alligator and Banana Park. We stayed at a small Ryokan at Atagawa Onsen for the night.

- - - 3/1/2014 - - -

Game Day

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Lords of Waterdeep

Smash Up