- - - 11/29/2007 - - -


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It is finally here! Tekken 6 has made it to my neighborhood game center.
Anyone who knows me knows what this means…

- - - 11/28/2007 - - -

Monthly bandwidth critical

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Oh no, it seems I have used up my bandwith for the month again. My site may be down within the day.

I modified the site code a tiny bit, but I think it may be working. My site might just last till the end of the month.

- - - 11/25/2007 - - -

Live at Sakurazaka

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One of my friends invited me to a live performance of a band called 9mm Paraballum bullet. Supposedly well known in Tokyo, they were doing a show in Okinawa so Ken and I met my friend there to go see what they were like…
It was an ‘interesting’ experience. It was so loud that for most of the next day my ears were ringing. I would not say I liked the music, but the show was an entertaining first for me.

- - - 11/22/2007 - - -


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This year for Thanksgiving I got a real, home cooked turkey dinner. One of Kens friends, Sarah, invited us over to her house on base to celebrate the American holiday. It was absolutely delicious. There was a whole turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, sweet potatoes, bean casserole, bread, as well as pumpkin pie all homemade. Unfortunately, the day before Thanksgiving Ken got duty, which meant he had to work all day and was unable to go. However, Sarah piled up 2 plates full of food and made a special delivery all the way to where Ken and the other marine, who were stuck on duty during Thanksgiving, were working. They both got to enjoy a delicious Thanksgiving dinner as well.

- - - 11/21/2007 - - -

Okinawan Industy Festival

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The day after the beach party, I went to Naha to see the Sangyou(Industy) festival. There were endless rows of booths set up selling Okinawan products, and more free samples than could possible be eaten in one day. Other than food, there were other products like flowers and plants, pottery, alcohol, home products, and technology displays.

There was even a booth where kids, or anyone could, take apart old electronics for recycling.

- - - 11/19/2007 - - -

Happy Flower Beach Party

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October 28, I rode my scooter 40 kilometers up to Nago to go to a bach party. It takes a long time to go 40 kilometers on a scooter, but I have to admit that it was better than a car. I could feel wind in my face and was able to see all the nature around me as I went. I made a few stops on the way as well. I stopped at Manzamo again, as well as took a hike to Todoroki Falls. At the falls there were a lot of boys diving off the rock and playing in the bottom of the falls. I also took a detour to a natural bread shop and cafe.
Once I made it to the beach I was quite surprised. I didnt take any pictures but if you can imagine lots of Japanese hippies all wearing hippie clothes relaxing on the beach or dancing near the stage. There were bands playing all kind of music and even a tap dancer, and people playing ethnic instruments like drums, didgeridoo, and other things I have never seen. There were lots of tents and a few teepees set up around, and lots of small food and other shops set up as well. My friend also had a shop set up which I helped with. The bands played until about 11pm, at which point small groups formed and small music sessions, talking, fire dancing, ect went on until the morning.

- - - 11/14/2007 - - -

Drive to Nakijin

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On a free Saturday in October I took a drive with a friend up to Nakijin. We walked around the beach, フクギ並木(An old, interesting Okinawan neighborhood within rows and rows of trees), and Nakijin castle ruins. Like me, my friend also enjoys going to cafes (she actually works at a macrobiotic cafe), so we went to one for lunch as well as in the evening. The one in the evening had a great view and a delicious ’sea grape’ meal.

- - - 11/9/2007 - - -

Urasoe Gusuku

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View from the Urasoe castle site.

- - - 11/8/2007 - - -

Catching up - Lives

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Although my eye is still not great yet, if I dont start getting caught up with my posts I may just forget to post completely. In the last 2 months I went to a few live events in the area.

One was with an interesting Philipines instrument and a shamisen.

There was a great duo from Cuba doing cuban music.

At a place called Ohako-yokocho there was a good band, and as an added surprise the "king” showed up.

- - - 11/7/2007 - - -

bandwidth usage down

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Yay, my bandwidth usage is giong down. It is actually a good thing to be unpopular.

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Halloween Party 2007

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This year for Halloween I went to a small party at Oneness, a local cafe. I put my hair in a green mohawk, although you cant really see from the picture, and wore my aikido uniform. I had a good time talking with the other people at the party, mostly cute girls ;) , and I also got to play with a kitten. The only thing that was missing was lots of candy.

- - - 11/1/2007 - - -

Bandwidth Limit Reached

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Yay, Im back online.
It seems for some reason my site has gotten really popular and has exceeded the allocated bandwidth for the month of October. Daily visitors jumped from about 50/day to 500/day and I am still trying to figure out why. Hopefully this month I wont have the same problem.