- - - 7/26/2014 - - -

Russian Borcht

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Two Russian people moved into my share house recently, and decided to make Brocht for everyone. It, and the other Russian dishes, were excellent.

- - - 7/20/2014 - - -


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Today’s interesting new game: Saboteur


Hokokuji and Vegan food with friends

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I met some friends in Kamakura and I took them to Hokokuji to see the bamboo garden. Afterwards, we took a hike over the hill to a vegan restaurant.

- - - 7/4/2014 - - -

Reptile and Chinese Tea Cafe

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I decided to check out a reptile and Chinese tea cafe. I thought it was a unique concept, a cafe where you can drink very nice tea and get to pet turtles and lizards. I forgot to take a picture of the teas, but did take a few shots of the cafe "staff”. Unfortunately, the snakes were all still sleeping.