- - - 10/30/2010 - - -

Mt. Wilson Observatory

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My Parents took me on a tour of the Mt. Wilson Observatory. Although the tour guide was boring, the observatory itself was very interesting. It was amazing to see the kind of technology used and how it has changed over the years. Also, while on top of the mountain I was able to do a bit of hiking as well.

- - - 10/3/2010 - - -


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While back in LA, I started to play badminton competitively. A friend had always told me how fun and competitive the sport is, and since my local community center has open badminton every Tuesday night it was the perfect opportunity.
Badminton is a challenging sport, but like most sports the right equipment makes a lot of difference. I bought myself a nice badminton racket and the game went from fun to exiting. I hope I will be able to play when I return to Japan as well.