- - - 4/26/2004 - - -

San Diego

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I spent the weekend in San Diego with my friend Lenny. Here he is in his awsome shirt..

We had lots of fun in SD. One of the first things we did was go to the Spike & Mike film festivel. We also went to the San Diego Maritime museum to see some cool ships and witness a sea battle between 2 old sailing ships. The cannons didn’t shoot any projectiles, but they sure were loud. One of the famous ships there was used as the set for the move ‘Master and Commander’. Here I am at the helm of the ship where Russell Crowe stood and orderd around the crew.

Getting one of the ships ready for battle.

Another of the ships, the "Star of India” is the oldest iron-hulled merchant ship afloat.

We also went to the Earth Day festivals in Balboa Park. I got to tease the squirrels by pretending to toss them food.

Here are the Hare Krishna people.

And a parrot.

We also went to seal beach and saw the seals.

Besides all that, we played a lot of basketball. I was completely out of shape and was exausted after a wile, but I was still able to beat Lenny at a 1-on-1 game. He demands a rematch.

- - - 4/22/2004 - - -

My Camera

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The Optio S40This is my new digital camera, the Pentax Optio S40. I bought it last week and have been testing it out since. I figured that if I didn’t like the camera I would simply return it. I seem to really like the camera and have decided to keep it. It’s primary purpose will be to document my year in Japan. So if you are interested, visit this site often and you should see lots of cool pictures.

- - - 4/20/2004 - - -

I got my Visa

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I went to the Japanese consolate at downtown Los Angeles on Monday. I walked in and picked up my passport which contained a visa to work in Japan for an entire year. Yay!

I now have an airline ticket, a visa, and housing arranged for me… I am all set to go to Japan.

- - - 4/17/2004 - - -

New Colors

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New Colors - Good or Bad?

- - - 4/13/2004 - - -

Test for a new day

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So how is the design comming?

- - - 4/11/2004 - - -

Hello world!

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Welcome to andysensei.com

I will heavily modify this soon!