- - - 11/26/2020 - - -

Thanksgiving 2020

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This year we had just a small Thanksgiving dinner with a few other people in my house. I still made a huge turkey and all the usual foods.

- - - 11/15/2020 - - -

Camping with School Friends

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We went camping with some of Melina’s school friends near the Tanzawa lake dam. The kids had lots of fun running around the park near the dam, playing and collecting firewood. We then set up our tents and had a great campout complete with Smores. The following day was spent hiking, playing in the forest, and then back to the dam again for some lunch and views before heading home.

- - - 11/11/2020 - - -

Tounodake Hike

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I decided to spend Veterans day climbing up a mountain. The weather was beautiful and I needed a day to get some exercise and refresh. Tounodake is one of my favorite mountains to climb as there is some challenge, a good distance to get to the top, and great views of the surrounding area and Mt. Fuji.