- - - 6/13/2021 - - -

Ibaraki stay and Aquarium

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We had an extra day to spend in Ibaraki and our friends suggested a small hostel next to a lake and aquarium. The food was good, the aquarium was small but nice, and we even tried a little fishing in the lake.

- - - 6/12/2021 - - -

Friends Wedding

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We were invited to our friends and previous housemates outdoor wedding in Ibaraki. It was a small casual affair with some music, drinks, and even a vegan brownie wedding cake. The two would always play with Melina when they lived in the sharehouse and Melina was really happy to be at the wedding and see them again. At the end of the wedding, everyone got a wedding gift of a baguette while this song played. A basic translation is that everything in life requires balance, your life is very long and so is a baguette.

- - - 6/11/2021 - - -

Tyler 100 Days

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Tyler has made it to 100 days! We had the traditional 100 day foods and pretended to feed him.

Melina 100 Days

- - - 6/3/2021 - - -

Tyler 3 Months

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