- - - 3/31/2008 - - -

Back from India

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I have returned from India as well as Nepal and Taipei.
My course was as follows:
Naha - Taipei - Delhi - Jaipur - Agra - Varanasi - Pokhara - Kathmandu - Kolkata - Delhi - Taipei - Naha

I would have to say that overall it was a very interesting trip. I met many people, and had some great experiences.
Pictures will be posted soon… hopefully

- - - 3/7/2008 - - -

Off to India

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At the end of Feburary I finally finished my job contract. So with no job and lots of free time what better thing to do than travel. I will be leaving on March 7th for India, with a few days stop in Taiwan on the way. I will be back… well… I got an open ticket so I dont know when I will be back. So, why India?— I dont know myself. I havent been there yet. Maybe I will stop by Nepal if I have the chance as well.

- - - 3/3/2008 - - -

The Lost World

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On Monday I went rock climbing… but not to the climbing gym as usual. The owner of the gym, who I am always talking to, took me out on a private, and better yet free - all equipment included, tour to climb a real rock face. We drove up to Nago to a place accurately dubbed as The Lost World. After about 20 minutes hiking through the jungle up a river bed we finally came to the rock face that shot straight up for about 60 meters. Since this was my first time ever climbing a real rock face I wasn’t sure what to expect, but looking up at the rocks that seemed to slant towards me as if I would have to climb on a ceiling I started to have doubts. This was no easy climb for beginners. My guide just said to not worry, and that I am a very good climber that should be able to make it. He then plotted 3 courses.. each progressively more difficult. After I struggled my way to the top of the first one I sat on the small ledge and looked out. It was like a Lost World. I started in the jungle but now was up above the trees looking out around the valley as a bird flew beneath me. Looking from below it didn’t seem that high, but once I was up there it reminded me how much I love heights. This is something I would love to do again.

My guide and I.

Plotting the next course.

The one section near the top was pretty difficult, I had to do something called a layback to get over it.

The third and most difficult. For most of the way my back was facing the ground. Yet, I was able to get to the top. I even surprised myself with what I was able to do.

As an extra bonus my guide showed me an edible plant that was growing in the area. Called Nigana, it was very bitter but supposedly quite healthy. As seen in the corner I took a big bite out of it.

- - - 3/2/2008 - - -


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Today was a very clear day and beautiful day with an amazing sunset at the end.
Update - I cant remember the last time I saw the sun set behind the ocean. There was always a cloud/something layer above the ocean blocking out the sun before it could set. When talking to an Okinawan person, it seems that actually seeing a sunset as below is a rare occation.. maybe 3-4 times a year. Im not sure if that number is true or not, but the next few days again had the layer.