- - - 6/29/2006 - - -

Wee Thomas

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Last night a friend and I went to see a play. It was the first time for me to see a play in Japan, and I was fairly skeptical. When I walked in the theater the first thing I noticed was a very detailed and elaborate stage and set. The other thing I was worried about was my Japanese level… Even to my surprise I understood 90% of the dialog and had absolutely no problem with the plot! Given that, I must say that it was one of the best plays I have ever seen! The acting was good, I laughed at the jokes, and the lighting and special effects were amazing. The play had lots of things I liked: guns, shooting, blood spewing out of people, body parts everywhere, and cats. Even real live actor cats. A big two thumbs up.

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- - - 6/27/2006 - - -


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I went on another day trip with Mr. Hara, my mother’s friend. This time we went to Tsukishima and surrounding areas. I got some really expensive and famous ‘tsukudani’ which is seafood boiled down in soy sauce. I saw an old part of Tokyo that was not destroyed in WWII, as well as a traditional Japanese garden.


- - - 6/21/2006 - - -

Sanja Matsuri

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The Sanja Matsuri is one of the 3 biggest festivals in Tokyo and is held at Asakusa Shrine. With over 1,500,000 spectators every year this festival is always super crowded…

- - - 6/19/2006 - - -

Thai Festival

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Ahh the Thai Festival… There is nothing like a bunch of Thai kids waving the Japanese flag around, a fairly cheesy kickboxing demonstration, and cheap Thai produce sold at exorbitant Japanese prices. Not to mention the Japanese crowds, lines, and a supposedly famous Thai pop singer I’ve never heard of. It did however remind me that I took a Thai cooking class when I visited 2 summers ago, and realized I can possibly cook all this food just as good for a fraction of the cost. :)

- - - 6/15/2006 - - -

Golden Week - Kiyosato

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Finally the last Golden Week update!
For Golden Week, it is my building’s tradition to go on a road trip. This year about 20 of us went to Kiyosato. In total we had 4 cars, lots of snacks, and a really early start. After lots of driving we got to Kiyosato…


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Golden Week - BBQ

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For one of the days during Golden Week a lot of the people from my building went to the park to have a BBQ. It was a nice sunny day and we made lots of good food as well as played frisbee and such.