- - - 3/29/2006 - - -

Ome Plum Garden

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Last weekend I took a train for an hour out to Ome to see the famous plum garden. The weather and timing was perfect and there were lots of plum flowers in bloom, of course there were lots of people too.


- - - 3/26/2006 - - -

St Patricks Day Parade 2006

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This year, like last, I went to the St. Patricks day parade in Omotesando. This year it was exceptionally windy and cold, but it did not deter anyone from going. Just like last year as well, there were lots and lots of people there.

The Photo Gallery: 2006 StPatricks Day Parade

- - - 3/25/2006 - - -


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For the Spring Equinox holiday I made traditional Japanese sweets called ‘Ohagi’

- - - 3/22/2006 - - -

Eagles of Atami

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While in Atami there was a fisherman feeding eagles from his boat. There were many eagles swooping down and catching the fish out of the air with their claws. As time went on more and more eagles showed up, until there were an uncountable number of them.

Atami Eagles (1.2 MB)

- - - 3/21/2006 - - -

House trip to Atami

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One of the good things about living where I do is that occasionally there will be some trips and traveling to interesting places. This time we took a 2 day trip to Atami, which is famous for its beach, hot springs, and plum garden. A big group of us went down and rented out an entire floor of a hotel. This hotel was nice because they provided a Japanese style dinner and breakfast, but what they are famous for is their sauna. It’s called ‘ganbanyoku’ in Japanese, and it’s a hot and humid sauna room where you lie down on large pebbles and sweat all the toxins out of your body. It’s a very interesting experience. We also went to the beach, and the next day we saw the plum garden. Overall, it was a great trip.

See the photo gallery: Atami

- - - 3/9/2006 - - -

Koganei’s Plum Blossoms

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This year’s plum blossoms are very beautiful. Before work on a sunny day, I took a nice walk to the park with my camera to see and smell the beautiful plum blossoms.


- - - 3/7/2006 - - -

Firefighting Museum

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On Sunday I went with my friend to another museum. This time it was the firefighting museum. It was really interesting with lots of interactive exhibits, games, dioramas, videos, holograms, history, and buttons. There were also many things to ride…