- - - 9/24/2007 - - -


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It was asked how I am doing lately.
To answer it would be best to say what I am doing lately.

Monday through Friday I take the bus to and from work. I am starting to dislike my job as it is getting repetitive, and am starting to search for a new one. Other than work I have been trying to find stuff to keep me busy and active. I recently joined a climbing gym and am enjoying making my way to the top and learning how to climb better. Also, since I love heights, I enjoy looking down as much as possible. I have been constantly playing basketball once a week with people from work. Although, they are in the same company they work in different offices so I only seem them at basketball. We don’t play very competitively and it is really fun. I am still good at stealing the ball but still miss a lot of shots. For a few months now, I have been learning Japanese calligraphy. The place is on my bus route home so it is really easy to stop by after work to practice. Calligraphy is much harder than I had thought, but it is helping my Japanese out a lot. That and my posture, as my teacher is always yelling at me to sit straight. Another sport I am doing is footsal, or indoor soccer. I am really happy to play a sport I am good at and really like. The other players are also pretty good so the competition level is pretty high, but this too is mostly for fun. The only thing left that I would like to do is Aikido, but unfortunately the times conflict with work. Lastly, I have still been taking the bicycle out exploring a lot. Also, I have a scooter now so I take that out exploring too, but to a lesser extent.

- - - 9/15/2007 - - -

Yanbaru Drive

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When we woke up the day after the typhoon, it was surprisingly calm. The typhoon appeared and went very quickly. Since it was actually sunny, Ken and I decided to take a drive up north to the Yanbaru area. When you think of a tropical island, you really have to go up north in Okinawa to see one.

We got up in the area and found a nice cafe and had vegetable curry for lunch.

We then took a hiking path through the jungle. There are really no green areas like this down in the city areas. While hiking we saw an orange bird, some lizards, and a really giant white tree slug.

After the hike, we went driving around some more.
This tree in the middle of the street is probably from the previous days typhoon.


- - - 9/14/2007 - - -

Typhoon 2

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Second direct hit from a typhoon.
Hopefully this time the power wont go out on us.

- - - 9/7/2007 - - -

Jellyfish Warning

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Attention! Chiropsalmus Quadrigatus.
Does anyone know what those are?
Good thing there is a picture.