- - - 3/25/2009 - - -

Schools Out

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The Japanese school year is now out, and that means my English teaching job is finished. Working at an elementary school for a year was very interesting with many really great experiences. It was strange to see how different the Japanese and American school systems were, and nice to get to experience school life once again. The kids and teachers at the school taught me a lot about Japanese culture, history, language, games, and way of growing up. Yet, after a year of teaching at elementary schools I think it is time to move on again.

It is now almost April. The cherry blossoms I missed last year will soon be in bloom. But my focus now will be on finding a new job for the next year. Just like last year, I have about a month before my visa expires an I will be forced to go back to the US. I keep hearing about the failing US economy and the lack of jobs, so I would like to stay in Japan. The problem is that I dont know what kind of work I want to do. I am a bit sick of teaching English but also dont want to stare at a computer screen all day. Ive been thinking, but still have no clue what direction to take my life… *sigh

- - - 3/22/2009 - - -

Tokyo with Mr. Hara

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I met with Mr. Hara again. This time he showed me around the Tokyo palace area and explained about the history and development of the area. He also treated me to a very deluxe kaiseki-ryori Japanese lunch. Afterward he showed me around the Bridgestone art museum.

- - - 3/16/2009 - - -

Orange Cat

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I havent posted pictures of any cats recently. I came across this one relaxing in the sun on my way home.

- - - 3/13/2009 - - -

Tea in Kamakura

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For the first time in about 2 years I went to visit Kamakura again. Even though I now live in Yokhama and Kamakura is quite close, I never got a chance to get down there. This time I also was able to meet and have some nice tea with a friend I havent seen in a long time.

The weather in Kamakura was great, and the flowers were quite nice.

- - - 3/7/2009 - - -

Davids Party

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- - - 3/6/2009 - - -

2 Months……

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Well, from today I have two more months until my Japan visa expires again. So that now leaves me with less than two months to figure out what kind of work I want to do and find a new job. That is if I want to stay in Japan….