- - - 10/31/2014 - - -

Halloween Party

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This year for Halloween, I wanted to do something a little special. I bought some pumpkins and we and a bunch of people at the house made jack-o-lanterns. We also threw a potluck party but all the foods had to be scary, disgusting looking, or Halloween themed. Again, everyone really put a lot of effort into their dishes and we had a great collection of foods. At the end of the party I introduces everyone to the American? mummy wrapping game…

- - - 10/25/2014 - - -

Small Wedding Party

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My share-house friends threw a small wedding party for my wedding to Suzuna. We decided to just keep it simple and just sign our marriage papers at the city office, but it was really nice for everyone to get together and give us a wedding party. Suzuna and I really enjoyed it and were amazed at all the effort and preparation that everyone put into it.

- - - 10/12/2014 - - -

Mt Kachi Kachi at Lake Kawaguchi

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The mountain for October was Mt Kachi Kachi, which is a bit far away and close to Mt. Fuji, so my hiking club decided to rent a cabin near lake Kawaguchi for a night. Suzuna and I took a bus and arrived in the afternoon. We then did a bit of fishing in the lake and when it got dark had a good time in the cabin with the members of the hiking club. No fish were caught, so we made a giant pot of Japanese curry.

The next day we headed over to hike Mt Kachi Kachi. Suzuna and I took the rope-way most of the way up ;) At the top, we had our usual mountain lunch, but the group also made a special surprise cake for Suzuna and my wedding. We also received warm hats.

Before we left, we had to eat more Houtou