- - - 3/27/2021 - - -

Kamakura Hiking

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There was one last event with Melina’s preschool classmates which was a spring hike through Kamakura. It was a great day with the cherry blossoms in full bloom and all the kids exited make it all the way to the beach. After a nice morning of hiking through the hills we had lunch at a temple before heading to the beach to cool off. Melina was the first one in the water.

- - - 3/18/2021 - - -

Melina Preschool Graduation

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Melina graduates from preschool. She was sad to leave the school she went to for the last three years and made sure to take some pictures of her friends and teachers. We have a lot of good memories from all the school events and activities over the years.

- - - 3/3/2021 - - -

Tyler is born!

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