- - - 6/28/2009 - - -


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This week I will be studying for the level 1 Japanese exam… or at least try to study.

- - - 6/25/2009 - - -


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Japanese people like to upgrade their electronics a lot. Some people get new cell phones every 6 months, a new TV every few years, and so on. So what happens to the old electronics? They end up on the curb. I picked up a completely working and fairly decent computer. All the components, except a hard drive, are still in the computer and seem to be working fine.
Although my laptop is still working, it is now old and slow. If I buy a new hard drive for the desktop I picked up (cheap) then I would have a working and faster computer to play with. Then all I need to do is wait for someone to throw away a monitor…

- - - 6/19/2009 - - -

Kamakura Flowers

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It is the Ajisai (Hydrangea) flower season, and what better place to go and see flowers than Kamakura. On a nice friday my friends and I headed out to see some temples and flowers…

Sugimotodera 杉本寺
The oldest temple in Kamakura

Hōkokuji 報国寺
Famous for the bamboo.


- - - 6/13/2009 - - -

At the Pet Shop

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I found a pet shop with lots of exotic pets to play with… :mrgreen:

- - - 6/2/2009 - - -

Photo Gallery Upgrade

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I dont know why I didnt do it before… I added the ability to traverse the photo gallery with the left and right arrow keys.

Photo Gallery

Ya… I could just put my photos on Facebook like most people are doing now, but where is the challenge in that?