- - - 7/28/2013 - - -

Kuratakesan Hiking

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I decided to join the hiking club this month. Summer is usually really hot and humid and is not that much fun to go hiking in, unless you go to the really high mountains which my hiking club never does. Regardless, it was still a fairly nice mountain and I enjoyed the cool breeze and sound of an approaching thunder storm at the top. The storm never arrived, but the food at the top was great as usual. This month the guy from Vietnam made some interesting phở-like noodles.

- - - 7/21/2013 - - -

Unagi day and Cats

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I met my old Japanese teacher yet again this year for Unagi Day. She told me she doesnt really like animals, so I took her to a cat cafe. She didnt actually pet any of the cats, but still said that it was a very interesting experience. I on the other hand, pet every single cat that was there.

- - - 7/20/2013 - - -

Honey Cafe

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The road to and from Saturday Soccer by bike is actually quite nice and has a lot of interesting shops and cafes along the way. This time on the way back from the summer tournament I stopped at a very nice bakery and a newly opened Honey Cafe.

- - - 7/13/2013 - - -

Miura Drive

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I went with some friends for a drive around the Miura peninsula area. It was nice to get out and go some places around the area that are not as accessible by public transportation. We went to a milk farm, saw the cows, and ate some fresh ice cream. We visited Sajima, which a famous seafood port, and ate a great shashimi lunch. We also stopped by a permaculture farm, many vegetable stands, and a great bakery.

- - - 7/7/2013 - - -

Bike and Baseball

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My friend Alex and I biked from his house in Yokohama back to my house. Along the way we found a very small traditional shop that only sells Inari that was run by a very old and friendly lady. We also did some batting at my local batting center.

- - - 7/6/2013 - - -

Stone Cafe

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Even though it was very hot and humid I decided to bike to soccer on Saturday. When I was almost there I came across a small and interesting cafe. Being hot and tired I decided to go in for lunch. The owner was very friendly and the food was just as great.

- - - 7/5/2013 - - -

Sushi Party for Sil

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After living in my guesthouse for about a year Sil decided to take a new job back in India near his hometown. For his going away party we made sushi which, in his year in Japan, he had not done yet.