- - - 8/20/2006 - - -

My Birthday

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I’m back from China.
Also, it’s my birthday today!
I have reached 25…

- - - 8/6/2006 - - -


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It’s that time of year again… yes, it’s summer vacation time!
This years trip I will be going to the most populous country in the world - China.
I plan on seeing the Great Wall as well as eating as many strange foods as I can among others as well.

- - - 8/5/2006 - - -

Koganei Awaodori 2006

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For the third year in a row I watched the Koganei Awaodori. Nothing much has changed from the previous 2 years except that I knew exatally what to expect. This year as well was filled with much dancing, lots of drums, and me wearing my jinbei.

- - - 8/4/2006 - - -

The Lockup

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The last place was ‘The Lockup’. At this place you get extally what the name suggests…locked up. After negotiating the haunted prison maze you are handcuffed to a leather miniskirt policewoman who then escorts you to your table or, as it were, your cell. The food servers were all prison inmates, and the food and drinks were also appropriately themed. Like the drinks that came in test tubes and vials, as well as the food where one piece, which one is unknown, is filled with wasabi. There is even a show when monsters go around and scare everyone until the miniskirt policewoman put their rampage to a violent end.

- - - 8/3/2006 - - -

Vampire Cafe

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The next themed place was the ‘Vampire Cafe’. It was appropriately themed with a dark, gothic atmosphere, candles, a coffin, and other vampire related stuff, and as soon as you arrive you are given a small glass of blood to drink. Well actually red wine, but you cant tell until you drink it.


Food with tombstone cross.

Josh being a vampire. The first time he did it was without the lady knowing and…

- - - 8/2/2006 - - -


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It seems to have become a tradition that when Josh comes to visit we go out and eat really strange or interesting food. This time Josh and I went to a few themed restaurants around Tokyo. The first one was ‘Ninja’! This place was great. The whole place was decorated ninja style with secret passages and hidden areas as well as ninja waiters and waitress. The food itself was also very interesting and delicious, although not a whole lot. Afterwards, there was even a high ranking ninja that performed some ninja magic for us.

A real live ninja!

Me with the ninja

The menu comes on a scroll


- - - 8/1/2006 - - -

Chofu Hanabi 2006

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For the first night Josh was here we decided to go see the Chofu fireworks. I havent seen the Chofu fireworks since I first came to Japan so it was a bit nostalgic to be back again. When we finally pushed our way though the huge crowds we found a nice place to sit and enjoy the show.