- - - 7/24/2007 - - -

Luong is visiting

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My friend from college recently graduated and is now visiting for a few weeks.
One of the first places we went was, of course, the aquarium.
We also relaxed on the beach a bit.
Afterwards, we went searching for a well known but very hidden pizza place called Pizza in the Sky.
The pizza was fairly good, but the view was great. If only it wasnt so hot.

- - - 7/18/2007 - - -


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I finally beat Zelda!
The game was fun, although I wish I knew more Japanese to completely understand the story.
The game used kanji at every opportunity, which was actually good for studying.
The game requires thinking, as well as makes good use of the controller.
I was sad to have to return the Wii to my coworker.

- - - 7/15/2007 - - -

After the Typhoon

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The typhoon hit Okinawa hard. It was right under a category 5 and one of the biggest and most devastating in years.

I have never seen such powerful winds and rain. The typhoon took out the power to our building early on and for the entire day was left with no power or running water. The island sustained massive damage everywhere. Trees were uprooted, roads were destroyed, and streets were flooded. At one point a satellite dish from above came crashing down in our balcony.

When the typhoon had passed the next day the worst of the rain came. Within 10 minutes of downpour sewers were flooded and streets became impassible. Two days after on Sunday, shops are still closed and the cleanup continues and will continue for a while.

- - - 7/12/2007 - - -


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Tomorrow the first typhoon of the year is coming… directly straight at Okinawa.
It will me my first time to be in the dead middle of typhoon.
If Im lucky I may even get to experience what being in the eye is like.
Even better, is that because of the typhoon I dont have to go to work tomorrow. :)

- - - 7/8/2007 - - -

Cucumber Pepsi

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Now in Japan, for a limited time only: