- - - 5/22/2016 - - -

Kusatsu Onsen

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After the German village we drove over to Kusatsu onsen, which is one of Japan’s most famous hot spring towns. We spent the afternoon exploring around the town, taking a small hike, and relaxing in an onsen.


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Although the festival in Gunma was going on for two days, we decided to spend the second day doing some sightseeing. Very close to where the festival was being held, was a German Village (Akagi Kronenberg). We spend the morning there looking at the park, trying the not so good German bread, taking the train trip, and petting all the animals.

- - - 5/21/2016 - - -

Yumin Festa

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We took a trip up to Gunma prefecture to partake in a natural/music festival. Suzuna sold her usual soaps, teas, and herbal items, while I made a lot of American Rice Krispies and sold those. I understand that there is nothing natural about Rice Krispies, but it was new and interesting to most of the people at the festival and the kids there seemed to like them. Throughout the day there were various music groups and performances on the stage, and in the evening there was a magic show and fire dancing. The wife’s mother and sister, who live closer to Gunma than Yokohama, also came by to spend some time and play with Melina.

- - - 5/7/2016 - - -


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Since Melina seems to like animals, we took her to Zoorasia in Yokohama. It is one of the bigger and nicer zoos in the area, and has a park in the middle where Melina can run around and play.

- - - 5/1/2016 - - -

Flower Garden

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