- - - 11/30/2014 - - -

Bento Box Workshop

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Suzuna got me to go to a wood working workshop where we made our own little bento boxes. Before that we walked around Yoyogi park in Tokyo to see some festival. There were two festivals, one was a healthy food vegan festival, and the other was a paella festival. We decided to go with some paella for lunch. The workshop took a lot longer than I expected, but in the end we had some really nice bento boxes that we made all from hand.

- - - 11/29/2014 - - -

Thanksgiving Party

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Like last year, this year I threw a large Thanksgiving party. However, unlike last year, this year I had a large American oven and could cook around a 30 pound turkey, along with all the other typical side dishes. I actually cooked two turkeys just to make sure there was enough for all the people and some for leftovers. I didnt pictures of everyone, but there were over 30 people again this year devouring all the food.

- - - 11/22/2014 - - -

Hiking Enkaizan

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A new German guy in my house asked where around the area he could do some hiking. I took him up to Enkaizan, and Daimaruyama. It is only a short distance from our house but is a nice walk up to the highest peak in Yokohama city… which is really not very high at all.

- - - 11/16/2014 - - -

Cafe Base

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On our third attempt this year (our first two tries they were closed) we went to a nice macrobiotic cafe in Kamakura. The food and atmosphere were great and highly recommended for anyone looking for some healthy, delicious, vegan food.