- - - 1/25/2015 - - -

Game Day - Patchistory

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Game day… I played a few new games, but Patchistory took almost 3 hours to finish. It was a very interesting new style of game where your patch your own board together over the course of the rounds. I ended up winning the game :)

- - - 1/19/2015 - - -

Sumo with Ward and Susana

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Ward and Susana were visiting Japan with one of their friends and invited me to go watch Sumo with them. It has been about 2 years since we meet in Peru, and it was really nice to see and talk with them again. Afterwards we all went out to eat Chanko Nabe.

- - - 1/18/2015 - - -

Suzuna’s Bday French Dinner

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We found a nice French restaurant fairly close to where we live. It seems to be a small family run place a bit far away from the station, but the online reviews were great so we decided to go there for Suzuna’s birthday dinner. It was one of the best meals we have had in a while and surprisingly, the price wasn’t that expensive.

- - - 1/11/2015 - - -

Light and Color Mueseum

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Suzuna and I went to a small exhibition at a museum. There different areas of the museum had different displays where one can play with light and colors. There were mostly kids running around, but we both still enjoyed the exhibits and had fun.

- - - 1/1/2015 - - -

Osechi New Year 2015

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Again this year Suzuna made the traditional New Year’s foods: