- - - 8/26/2012 - - -

Okinawa Festival in Yokosuka

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Since both my girlfriend and I lived in Okinawa, we did not want to miss the Okinawa ‘IchaIcha’ festival at Yokosuka’s Mikasa park. There was lots of different Okinawan foods and drinks, stage events including a Hawaiian hula group dancing to Okinawan music, and an ‘Eisa’ battle. The Eisa battle was held during the hottest time of the day, and as long as the music is playing the drummers must keep dancing. It was nice to get back into the Okinawa spirit as everyone was dancing in front of the Mikasa after the battle was over.

- - - 8/25/2012 - - -

Yoga + Macrobiotic Sweets

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A friend invited me to a Yoga and Macrobiotic sweets event in Shimokitazawa. This was actually my first time to try yoga. Since I am a very inflexible/not flexible person I thought it would be very difficult… and it was. The sleeping at the end was the best part. Still, it was very interesting to finally try it and see just how many positions my body wont go into. At the end of the session was delicious Macrobiotic sweets :)

- - - 8/19/2012 - - -

Hakejima Sea Paradise

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At Hakejima aquarium and amusement park. The roller coaster, although is no Magic Mountain, is still actually quite fun.. of course it better be for $12 a ride. They have whale sharks there now, but nowhere near as good a view as Okianwa’s Churaumi.

- - - 8/5/2012 - - -


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The bottom part of the Kanagawa prefecture is a large peninsula called Miura. At the very end of the peninsula is Jogasaki and a small island right off the tip called Jogashima. The area is famous for delicious Maguro :) The Keikyu train line, which I use everyday to get to work, is also the train line that goes down to the end to Jogasaki. They also have a special pass that includes train fare, Maguro lunch, and entrance to the aquarium.
The gf and I hiked around and explored Jogashima and Jogasaki, ate a delicious Maguro bowl for lunch, took a ride on the glass bottom boat, wandered around the aquarium, took a long walk on the beach, and had even better Maguro sushi for dinner.

- - - 8/4/2012 - - -

Cate Cafe in Yokohama

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The girlfriend said she wanted to hold a cat… After failing to catch some local strays I searched for some cat cafes nearby.