- - - 3/24/2012 - - -

Skate Rink

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It was a slightly rainy day, so my friend and I decided to go to the skate rink. It was my first time to Kanagawa Skate Rink, and I guess not too surprisingly it was crowded with lots and lots of kids. Some of the kids were quite good, doing spins and jumps and other skate thingees. I however, even with the days practice, still cant figure out how to skate backwards.

- - - 3/20/2012 - - -

Spring Ohagi

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It is the first day of Spring.
In Japan, the tradition for the day is to eat Ohagi. Although, it is sold everywhere on the day, I still prefer to make my own:

Three kinds:
Uguisu Kinako, Regular Ohagi, Goma

- - - 3/18/2012 - - -

Kamakura Ume

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It is Ume blossom time, and although it was slightly raining my friends came down for a visit to Kamakura. We walked around and went to some of the temples and shrines famous for having plum blossoms, and of course there was lots of interesting foods to be had throughout the day. The main shrine we wanted to visit was ‘Engaraten’, which is surrounded by plum trees. The street all the way up to the shrine also had plum trees on both sides.
Being so close, I feel that I really should visit more often as there are a lot more interesting shops, foods, and cafes to explore.

- - - 3/4/2012 - - -

Snowboard at Grandeco

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Some of my hiking friends and I took a 2-day snowboard trip to Grandeco in Fukushima. It had been three years since I last went snowboarding, so I was very out of practice. I was also extra careful not to get injured like last time, but I still ended up with quite a few bruises. The weather was nice both days and we were able to get plenty of boarding in as it was not very crowded.
We stayed the night at a Japanese ryokan in Nakanosawa Hot Springs village. It was a fairly cheap ryokan, but the food was decent and the hot springs was great. Plus, there was a sweets shop right across the street.


All ready to start

At the top


In the Ryokan

Start of day two

Day two was absolutely beautiful