- - - 7/26/2019 - - -

Yokodai Bonodori

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- - - 5/18/2019 - - -

Vege and Fork market

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It had been a while since Suzuna last participated in a market selling her homemade goods, so this years Vege and Fork market was a great opportunity. Everyone had fun, especially Melina and myself as we walked around and ate lots of good food, played in the hammock, and Melina made some friends and starting climbing the trees.

- - - 2/3/2019 - - -

Setsubun 2019

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This year’s sushi roll and bean throwing party was great. The lucky direction this year is east-north-east. Melina ate one and a half sushi rolls, and I was so impressed, and proud, at how hard she threw beans at the oni this year.

- - - 12/13/2018 - - -

Japanese style wedding photos

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Some photographer friends of ours offered to take some pictures of us in traditional Japanese wedding outfits. Although it was 3 years after we signed our wedding papers it was still a great opportunity and an interesting experience. We went and walked around the local park as well as took pictures around our house. I was surprised at just how many different layers they dressed me up in and how long it took. It took even longer to get Suzuna’s hair done and her dressed up as. Melina even dressed up and we got some nice family pictures.

- - - 10/20/2018 - - -

Camping and trout fishing

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We decided to go camping again before it got too cold. There is a nice campground that I highly recommend around the Tanzawa mountain range that is located along a river. The river is also stocked with rainbow trout and for a fee you can rent a pole and try to catch as many fish as you want. You then take the fish you caught back to your campsite and cook them over your fire. There is also a small hiking path up to a nice waterfall. In the summer, you can also go swimming in the river but it was way too cold by the time we went, so we just had fun throwing rocks.

- - - 8/25/2018 - - -

Pototo chips and Fireworks

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Not many things are better than watching fireworks while eating lots of potato chips.

- - - 8/5/2018 - - -

Recent Board Games

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Thunderstone Quest

Tyrants of the Underdark

Great Western Trail

Castles of Burgundy


- - - 7/27/2018 - - -

Yokodai Bonodori

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At this years local festival.

Melina was too busy eating her shaved ice to join in the dance.

- - - 6/17/2018 - - -

Recent Board Games

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Rising Sun

Forbidden Island





- - - 5/19/2018 - - -

Spartan Race #2

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My second Spartan race was the Sprint, which is only 5 kilometers with about 20+ obstacles. Unlike the first race where it was pouring the entire day, this time we had some nice weather. The obstacles were still challenging and my two teammates did well. I am now debating with myself whether or not to do the next one in Japan this year.