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Pototo chips and Fireworks

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Not many things are better than watching fireworks while eating lots of potato chips.

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Recent Board Games

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Thunderstone Quest

Tyrants of the Underdark

Great Western Trail

Castles of Burgundy


- - - 7/27/2018 - - -

Yokodai Bonodori

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At this years local festival.

Melina was too busy eating her shaved ice to join in the dance.

- - - 6/17/2018 - - -

Recent Board Games

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Rising Sun

Forbidden Island





- - - 5/19/2018 - - -

Spartan Race #2

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My second Spartan race was the Sprint, which is only 5 kilometers with about 20+ obstacles. Unlike the first race where it was pouring the entire day, this time we had some nice weather. The obstacles were still challenging and my two teammates did well. I am now debating with myself whether or not to do the next one in Japan this year.

- - - 4/21/2018 - - -

Popcorn Day

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My daughters preschool has a Fathers Club where the fathers get together and put on events for the kids. It is also a time for the fathers to get to know each other better and also to stay more involved with school activities and their kids. It is a great idea and was surprised to see this in Japan where traditionally mothers still do most of the upbringing. The first event of the year was making popcorn for the kids. The fathers get to play with fire and the kids get to eat all the popcorn they can.

Did I mention that Melina loves popcorn.

- - - 3/3/2018 - - -

Girls Day 2018

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This year’s Girls Day dinner was a bit simpler, but we still made the traditional clam soup and three layer jelly desert, along with some of Melina’s favorite foods (tomato, broccoli, chawanmushi )

- - - 2/3/2018 - - -

Setsubun Sushi 2018

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Everyone enjoyed this years Setsubun sushi and bean throwing party again this year. The lucky direction was south-south-south-east and Melina was able to eat a whole sushi roll all by herself.

- - - 11/25/2017 - - -

Thanksgiving 2017

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Every year my Thanksgiving parties get better and better, or so I like to think so. Im getting better at cooking the Thanksgiving essentials and adding more variety every time. Yet again, I was too busy cooking, cutting, and talking to take many good pictures of the party.

- - - 11/7/2017 - - -


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Here are some highlights of our short trip to Kumamoto. Places we visited include:
Amakusa Islands and Shimoda onsen
Milk road scenic drive
Various onsens around Oguni city including Kurokawa onsen
Making miso and staying at a retreat
Kujyu mountain range (previous post)
Cuddly Dominion and helicopter ride to view the cauldron of Mt. Aso
+This was Melina’s favorite part of the trip. She got to feed bears, touch capybaras, penguins, alpacas, and lots of other animals. She and Suzuna also got their first helicopter ride up to see the active volcano that had a large eruption in 2015. The Mt. Aso ropeway is still closed.
Kumamoto city: Ramen, Castle[ruins], and Japanese garden
+Kumamoto had a large earthquake in 2016 practically destroying Kumamoto castle. A sightseeing course walking around the grounds is open, but the main castle is still undergoing repairs and will not open for another 2 years. The entire castle complex is slated to take 20 years to repair.