- - - 6/24/2012 - - -

Ajisai in Kamakura

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Ajisai flowers have bloomed in Kamakura. Crowded as always but still nice to walk around and visit all the temples.

- - - 6/17/2012 - - -

Mt. Nantai in Nikko

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Sunday the weather was much better. It was cool and clear with a nice breeze, perfect mountain climbing weather. We made our way to the base of the mountain at lake Chuzenji. From there it was a 4 hour hike all the way to the top. Mt. Nantai has to be one of my favorite mountains to climb. The scenery and surroundings change dramatically as you make your way up the mountain, and there is no shortage of challenging spots and sections. The mountain Tsutsuji flowers were in bloom, and the view from the top was amazing.

My two friends ready to start climbing.

Not even a third the way up but we have been making good progress.

The mountain Tsutsuji flowers

Rock climbing :)

At the top.

Misako also finally made it to the top.

The view of the lake, from where I started, was amazing.

On our way back down.

Climbing a tree to take a rest

We all made it back down.

- - - 6/16/2012 - - -

Utsunomiya Park

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I visited my friend in Utsunomiya over the weekend. The plan was to climb Mt. Nantai in Nikko, but since Saturday was rainy we just ate lots of Gyoza, went and strolled around Utsunomiya park to see some flowers, and relaxed at an Onsen.

- - - 6/2/2012 - - -

Zushi Fireworks

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After canceling last year’s show, the town of Zushi decided to have their fireworks festival a bit early this year.