- - - 6/30/2011 - - -


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In my 7 years in Japan I have never traveled to the country that is actually closest to Japan… Korea.

Now that I have a new camera and a long Independence Day weekend it is the perfect opportunity to head on over to Korea to see the sights, experience the culture, and mainly eat the food.

- - - 6/25/2011 - - -

New Camera

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After only 2.5 years of use I felt that it was time to replace my camera. I was torn between the Cannon S95 and the Nikon P300 but decided to get the P300 for a few reasons. It was a bit cheaper, a little lighter, and just a bit easier to use. Although the S95 had more features all I really need is a good point-and-shoot that feels nice in my hand.

- - - 6/19/2011 - - -

Badminton with Jeff

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Jeff has been enjoying Japan for the last three months and will already be leaving next week. Before he goes there was one last badminton and sayonara day. I joined up with Jeff and his usual group to play badminton for a good three hours. It seems I still have some practice to do as Jeff beat me in all three games we played. Afterward it was off to dinner and karaoke.

- - - 6/4/2011 - - -

Oze Hiking

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Oze is one of the most beautiful places in Japan. I went backpacking in Oze last year and absolutely loved it, so I could not turn down my hiking friend when he planned another trip. I also invited my friend Jeff, as he too loves hiking and will soon leave Japan again.
This trip, however, was a short one-day hiking trip. We took a night bus there on Friday and came back Saturday evening. Although the weather was great, there was a lot more people walking around Oze this time than I remembered…