- - - 9/26/2010 - - -

Visiting San Diego

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I went down to San Diego for a few days to visit some friends. I got to meet up with Lenny for the first time since he visited Japan 5 years ago.
He took me around his neighborhood and his old university (UCSD). We also went surfing!

I also visited a friend from college. It was nice to talk and catch up with people that I have not seen since leaving for Japan 6 years ago. My friend lives close to Mission San Luis Rey, so I visited there again as well.

- - - 9/22/2010 - - -

Union Station

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Even though I grew up in Los Angeles I have never taken the public transportation. My friend convinced me and we finally took the train all the way to Union Station.

- - - 9/18/2010 - - -

Bridge to Nowhere

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The second hike with my new hiking group was a 5 mile trek to a bridge through various knee deep streams. Once at this bridge we did what everyone else does at the bridge… jump off of it.

We saw wild mountain goats

Relaxing in the river after hiking and bungee jumping.