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Takao Temple and Blood

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Although I did this last week, I am posting it now. Last week on Tuesday, which is now one of my days off, I went to a wildlife and plant reservation in Takao as I posted pictures of. However, afterwards I decided to explore Takao as well and go to a temple I have seen many times from the train station.

Here it is

There was also an inspiring statue at the top of a steep staircase

After looking at the statue I went for a hike in the woods. I hiked to the top of the hill in the area. It was very peaceful as it was a Tuesday and there was absolutely none else around. On the way down I decided to take some small path and tried to get lost, as many know is something I love to do. Halfway down, there seemed to be something in the path…


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Revenge gallery update

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The Ooyama Revenge gallery has been updated with 4 new pictures and comments.

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Ooyama Revenge

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Sunday was Ooyama revenge day with the climbing club. If you recall, last time I went climbing it was raining and we only went half way up the mountain. This time the weather was perfect.

Last time: bad weather

This time: good weather

We had a bigger group this time as well, totaling 14 people, which means many different climbing paces.

My pace = fast with short breaks, so my friend Misako, whom you may recognize from other pictures, Shigeki and I broke off and formed the fast climbing group.

Almost there… only 200 more meters.


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I created two panoramic pictures…

Koganei park


Yasukuni shrine

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There’s more sakura?

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Yes, there is more Sakura. On my day off on Tuesday I went to a wildlife and plant reservation in Takao (多摩森林科学園). They have hundreds of different varieties of Sakura trees from all over. The advantage of having many varieties is that some have already bloomed, some are at blooming right now, and some have yet to bloom. The park had lots of other interesting trees and flowers as well. It was really nice to walk around and take some pictures. Yet I felt strange… Then I noticed that I had not seen anyone else there that looked to be under the age of 60. My walking pace was constantly slowed due to narrow paths and 80 year old ladies. It was slightly annoying but on the other hand quite amazing that all these old people could walk that far, even up and down some steep hills. It is just another tribute to why the Japanese have such long life spans.

Yes, these are green flowers! I was completely amazed.

I added all the pictures to the Sakura photo gallery: Sakura Photo Gallery

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Sakura Photo Gallery

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The sakura photo gallery is up, yet everyone already figured it out. However, I now incorporated a database to include comments (yay!). Most of the pictures do not need comments as you just stare at them in awe, but when I have more time I will hopefully add comments to other galleries.

Take a look:

Link on the left… or click Sakura Photo Gallery

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Sakura at Yasukuni

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Sweeping the petals at Yasukuni shrine

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More Sakura Viewing

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Here are some picture from two more days of nonstop sakura viewing.

Along the Nogawa river

Hanami at Koganei park

Yozakura or night viewing at Inokashira park

Taiko at Yoyogi park

Yozakura at the famous Chidorigafuchi

Koganei park

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More sakura pictures

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Takahatafudo Temple

The base of Mt. Takao

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They’re Here!

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Today the sakura (cherry blossoms) have officially opened. The trees and flowers I have seen so far are simply amazing. Pictures, in no way, can do justice to the beauty and experience that is sakura. I will however make a photo gallery with all the pictures I have taken and will take over the next week. This also means that I will be very busy and will probably not have another update for a while. I will definitly enjoy viewing as much sakura as I possibly can.

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Very soon…

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Nozomi’s Present

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Speaking of ECC kids classes, the ECC academic year is officially finished. In two more weeks it will start again with fresh new kid’s classes. I did get a present from one of my kids who was moving to the US. She gave me a pair of green socks and a nice card. I’m sure her English will improve greatly while she is there.