- - - 4/28/2018 - - -

Chinatown Aquarium

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I found a new aquarium right in the middle of Chinatown. It is small and designed especially for kids, but for the location and price it was actually very nice. There is even a kids play room with a slide and jungle gym complete with builtin fish tanks, a small show on how different fish catch their food, and Melina also got the chance to feed the sea turtle.

- - - 4/21/2018 - - -

Popcorn Day

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My daughters preschool has a Fathers Club where the fathers get together and put on events for the kids. It is also a time for the fathers to get to know each other better and also to stay more involved with school activities and their kids. It is a great idea and was surprised to see this in Japan where traditionally mothers still do most of the upbringing. The first event of the year was making popcorn for the kids. The fathers get to play with fire and the kids get to eat all the popcorn they can.

Did I mention that Melina loves popcorn.

- - - 4/10/2018 - - -

Melina’s first day of school

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- - - 4/8/2018 - - -

Easter Dinner 2018

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This years Easter dinner was another success. I made a big ham, Easter breads, and the traditional Polish Easter soup. Other people in my house made other foods and desserts as well.

- - - 4/1/2018 - - -

Shinjuku Cherry Blossoms

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