- - - 4/24/2010 - - -

Josh + Treasure Hunt

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When Josh comes, I never know what interesting things are going to happen. This time we randomly found and decided to join an International Treasure Hunt. We were separated into teams and spent the day with our new teammates roaming Tokyo looking for famous spots, places, and restaurants to take a picture and accumulate as many points as possible. Our team lost, but we still had lots of fun making new friends and exploring Tokyo for the day.

- - - 4/23/2010 - - -

Josh + Monkey waiter

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The next day we took a trip up to Nikko. It has been a long time since I have been to the Toshogu shrine, and although it was drizzling the entire day it was still nice to walk around and see the sights again. Relaxing in a hot Onsen was also nice, especially since the kind lady that served us lunch offered to drive us there. However, the entire reason for going to Nikko was to visit a restaurant where the waiters are monkeys…

- - - 4/22/2010 - - -

Josh + Kagaya

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My friend Josh came out to visit Japan for a few days, and as always we had some pretty interesting experiences.

The first place we went was Kagaya, probably the most entertaining iszakaya in Tokyo run by one of the strangest people in Tokyo.

- - - 4/18/2010 - - -

Earth Day 2010

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I went with a friend to Earth Day 2010. Being the 10th Earth day held in Tokyo, it was extremely crowded. Yet, that didnt stop us from walking around, looking at the booths, and eating a nice healthy organic lunch.

I went with one of the same friends as last year’s Earth Day

- - - 4/14/2010 - - -


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残業 :cry:
Lots of overtime work… unpaid

- - - 4/10/2010 - - -

Snowing Sakura

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It was a beautiful day and the Sakura petals were falling like snow. A friend and I spent the day walking around at Showa Park. The Sakura season is probably the most beautiful time in Japan to go to the park, and all Japanese people know it.

The path is blanketed with fallen Sakura petals.

Sakura in the tree as well as on the ground.

Not only Sakura, but other flowers are also in full spring bloom around this time.

Although I noticed the course many years ago when I first visited the park, this time I finally got to play a round of Frisbee golf.

- - - 4/8/2010 - - -

Yasukuni Sakura

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My work is very close to Yasukuni shrine and Chidorigafuchi, two very famous places in Tokyo to go see cherry blossoms.

- - - 4/4/2010 - - -

Hanami in Kyodo

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Although a slightly cold day, I met with some friends for a delicious Hanami lunch.

The Sakura in full bloom.

Also in attendance were a bunny rabbit and my friend’s dog.

Among other food items we made miscellaneous grilled sandwiches at the park. I made Sakura Dorayaki for dessert.

Afterward, we all went to the play area to slide around and of course I had to climb the trees.

- - - 4/3/2010 - - -

Hamami with Ryoji

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Hanami at Takadanobaba with my friend from Okinawa.

Cherry Blossoms

There was also a nice bagpiper band playing at the park as well.

- - - 4/1/2010 - - -

Spring Flowers

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Although the weather has been switching between warm and cold, the flowers show that spring is here.