- - - 3/27/2007 - - -

Gilligans Island

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I got to see another play. However, this time was a bit different. This was a play put on by a theater group inside the military base. It was not a professional play, but it was very well done. The props were very nicely made, the actors were fairly good and decent singers, and the small accompanying orchestra was good too. It was a musical version of Gilligan’s Island complete with Gilligan the Skipper too, a millionaire and his wife, a movie star, the professor, and Mary Ann. Oh, island natives and aliens as well.

- - - 3/22/2007 - - -

Kimchi + Soba

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During one of my lunch breaks I came across a strange sign. "Kimchi and Soba”. I have seen places that sell kimchi and places that sell soba before, bet this is the first time I have seen them put together. Surprisingly, it was quite a good combination.

- - - 3/17/2007 - - -

Hiji Falls

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Since Ken is in Korea, my bone is broken, and I have no car or license there is not much I can do. Luckily, Ken’s friend Sarah is very nice and willing to do stuff with me. She took me on a drive way up north to Hiji falls. It was great as I have wanted to go there for a while. When we got there we still had to take a hike to the falls. Sarah is a seasoned hiker and for a change I had to try to keep up. After exploring the falls we had soba at a secret hidden and great place, and went shopping for really cheap vegetables. Many a nice conversations were had and it was really nice to get out hiking again.

Giant daikon only 100 yen.

- - - 3/11/2007 - - -

I got a Job!

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Yay, I found a job in Okinawa. Better yet, it’s a computer job. I work for a company called Aplix, which makes cell phone software… well the software that runs the software on cell phones. The group I am in makes sure there are no bugs or problems with the software. The office is completely Japanese people, and my Japanese skills are improving every day. Also, for being a Japanese work place it seems a very relaxed atmosphere. There are a few problems though. The first is that I live in Okinawa so my pay is very low, especially when comparing it to Tokyo. The second is that I live in Chatan while my work, as well as all major companies, is in Naha… a 45 min bus ride away. I dont like the busses very much as unlike the Tokyo train system they are not on time and you are never sure which route it is really going. Because of the busses, I was even late for work durring my first week on the job. I think I am getting more used to them now though. Here is the bus I take every morning:

- - - 3/8/2007 - - -

Okinawa Sunset

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- - - 3/5/2007 - - -

Engrish in Okinawa

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- - - 3/3/2007 - - -

Low Tide

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Being away from the ocean for so long I forgot that is has tides. I also forgot how fun playing in the low tide could be.