- - - 11/30/2019 - - -

Thanksgiving 2019

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I was too busy cooking and entertaining that I didnt get many good pictures of the Thanksgiving party again this year, but I will say that it was another great success. The foods and dessert were delicious, and as usual there were a lot of kids running around having fun.

- - - 11/9/2019 - - -

School hiking trip

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- - - 11/3/2019 - - -

Izu Camping and Sightseeing

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Since one of the typhoons we had this year pretty much destroyed our usual camping site, this year we tried driving down to Izu for some camping and sightseeing. On the way there we made a stop in Atami and visited the castle there. We also stayed for the monkey show, which was quite a performance. The camping site was away from any town, in the middle of the woods, and a quick hike to a really nice waterfall, in short a great place to camp! The next day we took a gondola up to the top of a small mountain to see a great view of Mt. Fuji. We had ice cream, walked around the hiking course, and Melina played on the jungle gym. Afterwards, we went to the Izu Sea Paradise where we fed otters and fish, enjoyed the shows, and did some fishing for crawdads.