- - - 2/26/2008 - - -

Zanpa Point

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On Sunday, after killing Ken at 4 straight games of racquetball, I took my scooter to Zanpa point in Yomitan. Although it is fairly close I was surprised that I never made it out there in the year I have been here so far. Another reason I decided to go was because it was an exceptionally windy day, and I figured Zanpa Point would be where I could experience the full impact of the wind. (Video of crashing waves possibly soon). When I got there, I took a walk around the pottery fair that was going on and then headed to the lighthouse. I sat at the top of the lighthouse for a while and just looked out and basked in the wind. I wonder if there are any other places on the island I missed. I’d like to think that I have seen the best of the island before I possibly head back to Tokyo again.

- - - 2/17/2008 - - -

Kens Parents

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Well it has been a whole month since they came, so here finally is some pictures of when Kens parents came to visit. It was an interesting time as the conversations were a half and half mix of Japanese and English. Even the sentences were jumbled sometimes. It made for some cho interesting hanashi.

- - - 2/13/2008 - - -

Michiko Visit

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A friend, and professional chef, from Tokyo came to visit Okinawa and also help her friend start a cafe in Nakijin. I was unable to make it out to the cafe, but we at least met for lunch. It has been about 2 years since I have seen some of the people I knew in Tokyo, but surprisingly enough it seems that not much really changes. It makes me wonder if my friends back in the states have changed after the 4 years I have been in Japan. I know I have changed a lot…

- - - 2/8/2008 - - -

Inoki Sakabar

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Antonio Inoki is the Japanese Hulk Hogan. He was a famous professional wrestler who also decided to open up a restaurant. The shishkabob swords are definitely something to try.

- - - 2/7/2008 - - -

Cat in Italian Cafe

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Ken found an Italian cafe that has a cat you can pet while eating. The cafe is a bit expensive, but the cat was soft and fluffy and loved to be pet.

- - - 2/2/2008 - - -

Yagi = Goat

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One of the special dishes in Okinawa is yagi soup. Yagi = goat. Neither my friend nor I have tried it before so she and I decided to go see what it was like. There was yagi sashimi, or slices of raw goat meat, and the yagi soup. The soup had all sorts of yagi parts in it including bones, meat, liver, cartilage, intestines, and something else I couldnt recognize. Yagi is kind of oily and smelly, but they give you plenty of Yomogi(green bitter vegetable) to eat it with to help with digestion.