- - - 12/28/2006 - - -

The hawks in Three Hawks

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While riding my bike through 三鷹, a city whose name translates to Three Hawks, I found some hawks and an owl as well.

- - - 12/26/2006 - - -

Koganei Park Fall 06

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Fall is beautiful in Japan, even if you go see it at your local park. Koganei park changes with every season and is always beautiful…

Once again I got the urge to climb a tree.

I guess this is as far as I can go. I need a taller tree.

- - - 12/21/2006 - - -


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It seems I may have gotten the stomach virus currently going around Japan.
It is not fun…

- - - 12/16/2006 - - -


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My site seemd to got hacked somehow… I dont know how or why, but they were very nice hackers and only changed the main file which means it was very easy to fix. I wonder if they can do it again though…..

- - - 12/11/2006 - - -

We Will Rock You

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I recently went to go see the Queen musical ‘We Will Rock You’. Once again I got free tickets so I cant complain too much. It wasn’t a bad show as long as you know your classic rock lyrics and songs, but it was quite long and a bit cheezy. It was interesting in the fact that all the songs were sung and played live by the actors and band.

- - - 12/7/2006 - - -

Okutama Lake

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Like past years, around autumn, I try to go see as much of the fall colors as I can. This year I went to Okutama Lake. Although I have been to the Okutama area many times, this was the first time I made it out to the lake. After walking across and looking down from the dam, it was off to the hiking path to see the colors.

more pictures!…

- - - 12/3/2006 - - -

Thanksgiving 06

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Thanksgiving this year was a little different. For one I had to go to work! Ya, I kinda have a job at a small computer repair company in Tokyo. It seems that I have become their web developer. Anyway, after work I went to meet my American friend and his girlfriend (well now wife), in Ebisu. We first went to the Ebisu beer museum and tried all the different kinds of beer there was. Then in the evening my friend took me out for a real turkey Thanksgiving dinner. Although not quite like home, I got to eat turkey for the first time in 3 years. It was pretty good, especially the cranberry sauce. The stuffing was on the so-so side, but the red sparkling wine and the pecan pie were great.

- - - 12/2/2006 - - -


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A few weeks ago I went hiking with the club I belong to. It had been a really long time since the last time I went and yet again the weather was not too great. At least there were no leaches this time. The mountain, or hill this time, was called Koubousan.

On the way up, I stole an orange. It was really good too.

I then saw a man chopping wood with an axe and wondered what he would do to me if he found out I stole his orange.

Stopping halfway to relax and look at the view.